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Civilian Aircraft Mechanic Experience

If you have the required aircraft mechanic experience working on
civilian aircraft, these are the steps you should take to apply for
your airframe and powerplant aircraft mechanic license.

See FAR 65.77 for complete details

If you have worked at an FAA Repair Station or FBO under the supervision of a certified mechanic for 18 months or more for each certificate, or 30 months for both. You must document your experience with pay receipts, a log book signed by your supervising mechanic, a notarized statement from your employer, or other proof you worked the required time.

You will need a letter from the certificated Airframe and Powerplant mechanic(s) that you have been working under. This letter should state, in detail, what aircraft and/or powerplants you have been working on, what tasks you have performed and how long you were doing these tasks. Remember, you may have multiple letters but they must total 30 months experience for both airframe and powerplant or 18 months for each.

(Civilian Letter Recommendations)

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