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Comprehensive Information on Obtaining an A&P License,
Aircraft Mechanic Schools, Courses and FAA requirements
and Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMT) Certification.


Extensive information on requirements needed to obtain your aircraft mechanic license, how to find A&P mechanic schools, courses, taking your written test, oral and practical exam, careers and aircraft mechanic jobs.

This web site is for individuals who have experience working on aircraft, civilian or military, and are ready to obtain their airframe and powerplant license.

If you have no experience but are interested in obtaining your A &P license, aircraft maintenance technician (AMT), you must obtain the knowledge needed in one of three ways. (1) military experience. (2) Working at a maintenance facility under the supervision of a certified mechanic. (3) Through traditional educational means. Please read our 'requirements' page for more detailed information.

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On This Web Site You Will Find Information On:

  • Obtaining an A&P license

  • FAA Requirements

  • Schools

  • Required Courses

  • Aircraft Mechanic Schools

  • A and P License Prep Schools and Courses

  • Aviation Links

  • Taking the Oral and Practical Exam

  • A &P Written Test

  • How to Find a DME (designated mechanic examiner)

  • Aircraft Mechanic Jobs and aviation careers, job search and employment web sites

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How to Apply for A&P Certification?

Eligibility Requirements

Obtain FAA Approval

Civilian Experience

Military Experience

8610.2 Form (PDF)

FAR Part 65.71 / 65.77

Inspection Authorization

Repairman Certificate

Home Study Courses

Aircraft Mechanic Schools

Frequently Asked Questions

Passing the FAAs Written Test

Taking the Oral and Practical Test

A &P Certification Prep Courses

FAA Forms and Applications

Aircraft Mechanic Career Search

Aircraft Mechanic Books

Aircraft Mechanic Tools and Supplies

Aviation Mechanic Book Store
Aircraft Mechanic Learning Center

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