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Steps to Obtain Your Airframe and Powerplant Certificate

How to Begin Preparing, Training and Testing


Below you will find a basic checklist of the steps, (in order), that are necessary to obtain you A&P license.
Print out this page, then use the information from our web site to to assist you with these steps.

Click on the links below for detailed information on each to the steps


You must have prior aircraft mechanic experience before you begin to apply for
or take the required Federal Aviation Administration tests.

You may obtain this experience in one of three ways, military career, civilian aviation experience or by enrolling and completing courses at a FAA approved school. If you have not yet read our Eligibility page, please do so now for more details about the requirements to become a certified (licensed) airframe and powerplant mechanic.


Gather and organize DETAILED and COMPLETE documents detailing you aircraft maintenance experience. The documentation should include dates, aircraft types, N-numbers (if applicable), pay slips, photo identifications, procedures performed and signatures of your supervisors.


Visit your local FAA Flight Standards District Offices (FSDO). This is when you will present all your documentation proving that you are qualified to proceed with the tests. You will be asked oral question about your work history, aircraft and engine types, procedures performed ETC. Be sure that your photo IDs are up to date, name and address are correct and that all the information matches any forms the FAA may issue.

If all of your documentation is in order the FAA will issue an 8610-2 form. You MUST have the 8610 before taking the writing or oral and practical test.


After obtaining your form 8610, the next step is to study, study, study, no matter your prior aviation experience history. In the test you will no doubt encounter questions about subjects that you are not familiar with. We strongly recommend that you take a prep or refresher course before you spend the time and expense of taking the exams. See our schools and training page for a list of qualified schools.


You are now ready to take the FAAs three airframe and powerplant written tests;

General Powerplant Airframe

You must take the test at a testing center, authorized by the FAA to give the aircraft mechanic written test. You must obtain at lease a 70% score on each of the three test in order to pass and move on to the oral and practical exam.

Please follow this link to get detailed information on the FAAs written tests.


Now is the time to schedule your oral and practical exam with a Designated Mechanic Examiner (DME).

Please follow this link to get detailed information on the oral and practical exam.


Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic on Duty

WOW, you did it!

Upon successful completion of oral and practical examination, you will be issued a temporary license by the Designated Mechanic Examiner, a permanent a&p license will be mailed to you within 120 days from the Federal Aviation Administration.


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